3rd Grade

  1. Use myths, folktales, and legends associated with constellations. (SS 7.02; ELA 2.02)
  2. Compare maps historically. Use graphic organizers to show influences of the known sun/moon/earth system on mapping and exploration. (SS 3.02, 4.01; ELA 4.04)
  3. Chart the phases of the moon for a set period of time. Compare the actual data with the simulation. Record the data using spreadsheet/database. Graph the data by number of days in each phase during the observation period. (M 4.01)

6th Grade

  1. Star Lore: Movement of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars affect the culture in calendar. Anasazi building structures (SS 11.02, 12.02)
  2. Comparing and/or contrasting information, determining the importance and accuracy of the information, and drawing inferences and/or conclusions through historical connections. (ELA 2.01)